Romark Engineering Case Study

Romark engineering Romark Engineering an Essex based- bespoke metalwork fabrication company. We specialise in low volume and prototype production. Whatever your requirements, from basic concept through to finished project, Romarks engineers are able to use their expertise to fulfil your needs. We work to critical deadlines and tight tolerance where a high quality finished project is key. Our skilled engineers can produce hand-made prototypes parts as well as parts for production and pre-production runs.Romark approached Energyst Consulting for help with their over increasing electricity bills some in excess Eleven Thousand pounds per year.

Dr Terence Lewis from Energyst consulting carried an energy profile analysis and concluded the most significant gains can be achieved through a 20kwp Solar Panel installation The project was supported by a 40% Locase Southeast Grant. The estimated Return on investment is less than five years (Excluding Business tax allowances)The carbon savings are calculated to be in the region of 304600 kg over 20 years.