Energy Crops 

Energy Crops.png

Dr TerenceM Lewis MSc BSc.EMA. has been invited to join the Energy Crops team who are winners of the Heathrow Sustainability Inovation Prize .2018.

The team consist of :- Garry Crooks. Lead, Project reporting, Kevin Lindegaard.. Willow management, University of Essex. Research and measurement, Dr. Terence M Lewis. Solution design .

  • Key Objectives

  • Select best 2nd Gen. Willow and establish on site at Heathrow airport.

  • Demonstrate growth viability across cultivators.

  • Demonstrate planting and harvesting techniques.

  • Show integration pathway with biomass plant.

  • Quantitate analyses for:- Willow Composition, Air quality and noise abatement benefits.

  • Demonstrate compatibility with airport operations.

  • Produce BioMass fuel for Green energy generation.

  • Produce a comprehensive report on the findings and viability of a scaled project.

Additional benefits will include Biodiversity,Erosion control,Flood protection Carbon Capture and storage. Noise abatement, Improved aesthetics and evidence of change.