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Energyst – Training offers a variety of bespoke courses to meet the needs of our clients. Courses are based at our Southend-on- Sea training centre or our client premises. Southend on Sea is a 45-minute train journey from London. And home to the world-famous Southend Pier. Why not book a course with an overnight stay at one of our outstanding guest houses or Hotels.

All courses are Certificated & tailored to meet the requirements and level of our delegates.

What is Sustainability?


  • What is sustainability?
  • How might sustainability affect my business?
  • What are the benefits of having a sustainable business?
  • Financial environmental and social economics.
  • Record-keeping and compliance.
  • The value of sustainability.

Delegates will learn why sustainability makes good business sense. From continuously improving operational efficiency and the environmental performance of our facilities, to pursuing low carbon to Net Zero energy solutions, and strategically investing for growth, we view sustainable practices as the best way to ensure our business remains viable for the long term A truly sustainable business. Ensures that they never deplete natural resources at the expense of futures generations.

Renewable Energy – Often called Alternative Energy

  • What is Renewable Energy?
  • How might Renewable energy impact my business?
  • How might different renewable energy technologies complement each other?
  • How Might Renewable Energy impact Sustainability plan?

Hydrogen Storage for large scale projects:

Battery Storage
Triple Whammy Solar Wind and Hydrogen batteries
Discover the opportunities

Energy Efficiency

The one single action a business can take for the quickest most effective long-lasting win

  • Immediate ongoing compound savings from day one.
  • Easily duplicated to other business areas.
  • Fast track to carbon neutral.
  • All of our courses are compiled and delivered by:- Dr Terence M Lewis MSc. BSc.EMA


The courses include the following subjects: Alternative additional courses available on request Introduction to energy efficiency 6 modules.

Delegates will receive a thorough understanding of the foundational principles for Lo-Carbon energy management through the application of the six principles below.
1. Energy management
2. Energy efficiency
3. Wind
4. Battery Storage
5. Carbon accounting
6. Renewable Energy

Bespoke courses can be delivered at our Southend on Sea training Center or our clients’ premises. Courses include free refreshment, with a light lunch.

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