Green Energy Grant

Green Grant Funded opportunities

Energyst Consulting is a specialist Net-Zero Lo-Carbon Energy Consulting Practice.

We advise and help clients to save money and address the CLIMATE EMERGENCY by reducing carbon emissions from human activity, buildings and transport.

We support Businesses, domestic homeowners, social housing providers, communities, local governments, schools and supply chains to engage with and benefit from the development of sustainable businesses.

New solar panels, providing free clean electricity to power family home. These panels qualify for the new S.E.G.S Solar Export Guarantee Scheme. This means they receive a regular long-term income, in addition to free sustainable electricity.

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A New Ground Source Heat Pump

A Ground Source Heat Pump extracts thermal energy from the ground, concentrates the heat energy up to five times & delivers heating & hot water. This makes it much more efficient, cheaper and cleaner to run than a gas boiler.
When connected to Solar panels it could be almost free to operate.

How to fund your new heat pump and solar panels

Sustainability Grants: eligibility:-
Businesses-Including Care homes, Hotels Retail. & Leisure.
Heat Pump: qualify for “Lo-Carbon Business grants of up to 40%”.
“The solar export guarantee scheme” Guarantees an additional regular income.” Add both income streams together the running cost becomes almost “zero”.

Private Homeowners:-
Solar Export Guarantee Scheme. + Free Solar energy
The Solar Export Guarantee Scheme pays the owner of the Solar panels a fixed amount of money every month for the spare energy that is being exported.
Heat Pumps with Solar together are a lucrative investment because the free energy generated from the Solar panels can power the Heat pump and other circuits in the building. (Subject quantity of the panels)

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