Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is the science of getting the maximum output with the minimum input from your appliances without harming the environment. Below are some examples:-


Take control of your Energy Consumption, Reduce your Bill & Carbon footprint with The OAK Network

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The demo will show you how OAK will:

  • Reduce your energy costs and consumption across single and multi-sites.
  • Visualise your energy consumption in real-time using intuitive dashboards.
  • Conduct a range of analyses to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Receive Capex investment recommendation based on your consumption pattern to achieve an optimum ROI
  • Optimise your energy consumption and assist your organisation’s energy efficiency program.
  • Identify and rectify potential fault before they become critical.

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Far InfraRed Eco Heating “NET ZERO EMISSIONS”
Due to the way IR panels work, you’ll discover that they’re ultra energy-efficient, and more environmentally friendly than virtually all other types of heating for your home or place of work.

Available in White or Black
Far Infrared heaters are very energy-efficient silent, NET ZERO EMISSION HEATERS all the electricity used is converted into heat and they do not emit light or pollutants. A further bonus is that unlike central heating systems, or lamp based solutions Far infrared heating is maintenance free. Weras gas and oil heating requires annual servicing

(Solar panels with battery storage make a great partner for Far infraRed Heating)

Lo-Carbon energy efficiency and sustainability consultants.
Conserve energy,reduce costs and aim for “NET ZERO”
“Low Carbon Energy Efficiency” is the one single action that will unlock the hidden energy savings within your business and deliver significant sustainable, social, financial and environmental benefits from day one.

Measure and monitor your energy bills and carbon footprint down to circuit and appliance level.

Energyst consulting will maximise your energy efficiency measures before recommending technology investments such as Solar panels and Heat pumps.

SUSTAINABILITY:- People – Planet – Profit.
Sustainable Energy Solutions that meet the Economic, Environmental and Social needs of today without compromising the needs of future generations to meet theirs.

Saving money and helping the environment.

Lo-Carbon, Renewable Energy generation is the one single action that will deliver:-Immediate Financial savings.
Reduced carbon footprint with environmental credentials. Smart Green buildings, processes and environments that enhance the quality of life for energy consumers.
Smart Community energy networks for Housing associations, Communities and Businesses.

Sustainable, agile integrated power generation, storage and distribution. Green asset finance, Grants and subsidies are available on request.

Energy efficiency and Renewable energy are perfect partners.

Stimulating “Fresh Green Thinking” for maximum “Energy Savings and Gains”

Energy efficiency is: the ability to get the most work from an appliance or building for the minimum input, and smallest carbon footprint.
Renewable Energy examples: Solar, Geothermal, Hydro and Wind energy naturally regenerate & deliver “Free Energy”.
Energy management: Is the ability to manage and control the use of energy in order to eliminate waste and control costs.

Global Energy Monitoring Systems (E.M.S)

Understand how you are using your energy better than ever with our tracking service and app!

Monitor your gas, electricity, and water consumption of any sight/location directly to your phone, tablet, or computer

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Energyst Consulting specify, install and manage turnkey Energy Management systems for all market sectors. Our systems operate as stand-alone, site based or remotely accessed via the Cloud.

We specify supply and install a bespoke system for every installation. From a single site or a global estate. Energyst has a system that will deliver a Global 24/7-365 day energy consumption and carbon emission monitoring system.

We have operating systems operating for :-
Energy management
Carbon Reporting
Process monitoring
Tenant billing
Power generation and distribution
Design & consultancy
Renewable energy systems
Water management

Our systems comprise of :-
Software to manage energy, present reports and produce bills.
Software to automatically retrieve, store and process data.
Meters sensors and Loggers.
Networks for single or multi-site operation.
Communication via direct wire, telephone, Ethernet and radio.

Energyst consulting can configure standard software packages or write special software interfaces to meet your specific requirements.

Our smallest systems consist of one logger, one meter and an Excel spreadsheet.Our largest systems simultaneously, globally monitor hundreds of meters in dozens of sites. All controlled by sophisticated energy management software.

Whatever your Energy management needs. Energyst consulting has the solution; Please feel free to Contact Us Today for a free discussion.