Energy Crops

Dr TerenceM Lewis MSc BSc.EMA. has been invited to join the Energy Crops team who are winners of the Heathrow Sustainability Inovation Prize .2018.
The team consist of :- Garry Crooks. Lead, Project reporting, Kevin Lindegaard Willow management, University of Essex. Research and measurement, Dr. Terence M Lewis. Solution design.

Key Objectives

  • Select best 2nd Gen. Willow and establish on site at Heathrow airport.
  • Demonstrate growth viability across cultivators.
  • Demonstrate planting and harvesting techniques.
  • Show integration pathway with biomass plant.
  • Quantitate analyses for:- Willow Composition, Air quality and noise abatement benefits.
  • Demonstrate compatibility with airport operations.
  • Produce BioMass fuel for Green energy generation.
  • Produce a comprehensive report on the findings and viability of a scaled project.