Eco Churches

Energyst Consulting has an excellent track record for energy savings in Hard to Heat buildings.

Churches have traditionally been proven to be difficult to heat.

Discover how we achieved savings in the region of 60% on Avenue Baptist Church’s energy bill!

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The beautiful Avenue Baptist Church in Southend-on-Sea is a wonderful spectacle. This is a church providing vital services to the local community, from playgroups for young families, to football clubs for the youth, to meals for the vulnerable and elderly, Avenue Baptist Church cater for all in the local community.

Protecting God’s earth, and saving BIG money while doing it!

The church have the environment in their sights as well, and feel passionately about reducing their carbon footprint, improving their environmental credentials and reducing energy costs, allowing them to channel the money saved into front-line services.

What are Smart Controls?

Our technology offers zoned control of each room from an app, combined with eco-saving features such as occupancy detection, so any zone can easily be set up so it only comes on when people are using the room

This is done with a little occupancy sensor in the room and this automatically turns the heating off when the room is left, giving peace of mind to the Deacons (management) of the church that energy will not be wasted heating empty rooms and saving the church a lot of money.

Where did we start?

Prior to our renovation - Avenue Baptist Church had an antiquated and expensive to run gas heating system connected to wet radiators - inefficiently heating tall rooms, the cost of keeping the church warm for the various activities was mounting up.

Using traditional radiators was not suited to the tall rooms where all of the heat (hot air) would rise up to the top of the building leaving those using the rooms cold and the cost of heating astronomically high. Our goal was to change that - and we succeeded beyond expectations.


Traditional radiators just heat the air - this wastes a lot of energy, as in tall buildings the hot air simply rises up into the high ceilings - and it’s no use to anyone up there! The solution was to switch to Far Infrared Panels. These heating panels being Infrared mean that they heat the people and the objects in the room and not the air.

Far Infrared heating panels bring upwards of 50% reduction in energy required to heat the building to the same comfort levels, and purchasing the electricity from a green and renewable electricity tariff.

Also, they now have little in the way of maintenance costs for the church for at least the next 15 years. Some similar sites also offset some of the electricity used for the heating by installing solar panels, and feeding it back into the grid in the summer months making the site as a whole carbon neutral.


We’re aiming for in excess of 45% savings on the energy bills because we are combining the Far Infrared technology with the better control and LED lighting. We know that Genius Hub alone can save upwards of 30% so that, with swapping the old wet radiators to Far Infrared heaters, the savings will all stack up quickly. Another important consideration is we are very motivated to look after God's planet, reducing the toxic emissions from the old gas boilers is all part of looking after the planet, as well as the cost savings being a benefit.

We were pleased that the installation has been done by local contractors who we knew, they have worked very well considering access challenges on the site within a busy occupied building.

One of the things that we particularly liked about the Far Infrared is the air in the building will be healthier, we suffered from terrible over heating issues in the church, and it can often feel stuffy and too hot. However, because Far Infrared does not heat the air, it heats the people and the objects in the room - this will no longer be an issue, it is going to be much easier to keep on top of it all with the smart controls too.

I'm also looking forward to integrating the smart heating controls into the online church booking management system, as I've heard that's what other churches which have the system do, thereby enabling the right heat in the right place at the right time - all automatically.

In conclusion, I'm already looking forward to next winter when we can give the system a really good trial and demonstrate the predicted savings and reduced carbon footprint!