What is EPC/DEC?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) summarises prospective energy efficiency of a building. This is useful for property owners, landlords, people looking to sell their home, and has a wide variety of different applications.

Display Energy Certificates (DECs) give non-prospective summarisation of the actual energy efficiency of a non-domestic building.

Having an EPC/DEC improves the asset value of your property, and is essential when selling your property. An EPC is, in fact, required.

Why choose us?

We are experienced expert assessors who can help you get your EPC/DEC done and registered on the national database. Energyst are flexible, offering services all throughou the week - including weekends.

We provide services all over East Anglia - including Essex, Suffolk, and East London. We’re also happy to provide advice, just let us know at 01702 417851.

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Display Energy Certtificate

A DEC states the energy rating of a building from A-G and is based on the performance potential of the building (fabrics) and its services (heating, ventilation, lighting). The DEC comes with a recommendation report demonstrating how the energy performance can be enhanced - saving you money.

Public DECs are produced by an accredited Energy Assessor - and can be displayed in a prominent location within the building. Show the world you care about your energy usage.

Energy and Environmental compliance

We will also help you comply with Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES), which restricts granting and continuations of tenancies which an Energy Performance Rating of F or G.

Furhtermore - all public building with a total floor area that exceeds, 200 useful square metres are legally required to supply information that clearly displays how energy efficient the building is.

Our Simple Process

  1. Site visit.

  2. Validate and process 12 months of historical utility invoices for the property.

  3. Gather data.

  4. Compile report, and lodge your compliant EPC/DEC certificate.

An EPC is valid for ten years - and is required whenever a home or property is sold or rented. The requirement for an EPC has been law since 2008 (2009 in Scotland).

A DEC must be renewed every 10 years for properties 250-999m2, and every 12 months for properties exceeding 1000m2.