Bradford University

With anticipated savings exceeding 70%!

Old system
Existing system consisted of numerous offices, classrooms, etc. These areas were fitted with old technology – Category 2 recessed flourescent luminates.

There were 150 of these – in technical terms, they were unbranded 600 x 600 recessed, lay-in, 4x18W T8 linear flourescent luminates c/w magnetic switch start control gear & CAT 2 VDU louvres.

Design Brief

  • Replace existing fixtures with new, energy efficient LED fixtures suitable for use with VDUs and with equal or improved performance.
  • Provide energy savings.
  • Significantly reduce maintenance due to age and condition of fixtures.
  • Minimize disruption – single replacement.

Replacing the dated lighting yielded an over 10,000w reduction in energy usage.

Our replacement We implemented 150 x Disano LED 25W 3 way recessed mountings, with 600 x 600 luminance for contact mounting, c/w integral fixed output driver, high gloss VDU double parabolic UGR19 captive louvre, and 4000k 80,000 hrr L70B20 LEDs at 3,900 lumens. Powerful, efficient, and effective.

Over £1000 annual savings in maintenance costs alone

Lighting controls We also implemented efficient lighting controls – providing control by occupancy and daylight detection – significantly optimising energy usage by switching lights off when not in use.