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Free Money! Utilising energy efficiency to make a Profit

“Almost a third of small firms highlight the cost of energy as a barrier to the growth and success of their business. Finding energy efficiency savings is the single best way of reducing these costs over the long-term. Small businesses need all the support and information they can get to help to make these savings wherever possible” - John Allan, National Chairman of the Federation of Small Businesses.

Being wasteful with your energy leads to your profits being drained - this is a known fact, and according to the Government’s energy projections - the price of energy will continue to increase moving towards and in 2020. The question is - is this loss avoidable? Does it really have to be a negative thing? At Energyst, we believe it doesn’t have to be.

The average SME can reduce its energy bill by 18-25% by installing energy efficiency measures with an average payback of only 1.5 years. Sometimes these savings can seem underwhelming, however it’s important to consider your profit margin and how many extra sales these savings equate to. For a company with a 5% profit margin - over the course of 3 years, a £500-a-year saving from energy efficiency makes the same profit as £30,000 of extra sales.

Reducing energy use doesn’t always mean a high initial investment  - your business can cut costs through low to medium priced measures such as replacing lights or heating systems. These are very commonly in use and increasing their efficiency is simple and profitable.

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Future Proofing your companys Energy Needs

Every individual, business, and entity in modern society uses energy as part of their day-to-day life, and yet, a lot of the energy we are using is a finite resource. Not only should we be preparing for short term energy needs (such as powercuts and rising prices) but also long term sustainability. We have revolutionized the world by entering the digital age, now we should revolutionize our energy resilience.

The more IT your business uses, the more energy it uses - that is a given. But what if that energy goes away? You need a sustainability plan and secondary production to future-proof against this. Ask many business owners if they are really prepared for a total power outage (a very real scenario) and they’re likely to not say yes.

The problem is many businesses see energy as a necessary cost as opposed to something that can be reduced and made more efficient and sustainable. Long-term thinking is crucial to the survival and thriving of any business - and this is a very important idea to think and take action about.

Energyst offer micro-grid energy production and solar panels to provide you with sustainable energy in the even of power outage or other such deprivation of energy. You can have your operations back online very quickly if you have the right equipment with on-site generation.

Toxic particles UNBELIEVABLY COMMON in city dwellers hearts, research reveals

It’s been well known now for a while that the gases produced by vehicles are toxic not only to us, but the environment too. We’ve been doing a great job in reducing the mortality of heart based diseases from urbanization - but we need to keep pushing. We need to do more.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared that over 90% of the population live with toxic air. The main group at risk is young people - at a young age the heart and brain are still in stages of rapid development, and toxic particles have a massive effect on these individuals. Many are searching for a solution to reduce their impact on the environment and our children.

Air pollution may be damaging every cell in our bodies. Especially in our children, and even if they have not been born yet. A 2018 study found air pollution particles in the placentas of women who had given birth.

We need to put more effort into reducing the harmful particles produced by our vehicles and infrastructure. Electric cars recharged by renewable energy is a technology which is being rapidly developed and we are already seeing great results. Many organizations are yet to take steps to reduce their environmental impact, however. Even though it has a measurable reduction of cost involved.

Implementing solar panels, micro-grid energy production, and increasing energy efficiency significantly reduces an organizations environmental footprint, while also reducing the cost of their energy bill. We need to push more for organizations to implement this kind of renewable energy, since the positive impact not only to the environment but their profits is massive and measurable.

The modern person is often apathetic to the amount of energy we are using. We’ve only recently (comparative to how long humankind has existed) delved into extreme industrialization and usage of fossil fuels to power our daily lives. We’ve become accustomed to using finite resources for our energy production, without care for how much it damages the environment - ignoring the costs involved as a result of this. We need to change our attitude towards the environment.

What chance do we stand against mother nature? We need to work with mother nature, do better, and act now.