Energy Mine for Small Businesses

Small businesses in the are often squeezed beyond belief  by energy suppliers “Small businesses often pay higher rates than domestic customers and use more energy, particularly- manufacturers,the care home sector and the hospitality sectors..


 “Business Owners are often less confident, and lack the time to investigate alternatives, source the best opportunities and secure the best deal

Here at Energyst consulting we understand that small business owners are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety about energy bills. With over 60% reporting that energy bills significantly affect their “cash flow.” Resulting in capital investment reductions thatt slow down business growth.

“The Energyst Business Energy Advice Program” offers a free energy check benchmarking assessment that includes a personalised energy advice service,”

 “Instead of trying to absorb energy price rises, which 75% of small businesses have said they would struggle to do, The “Energyst Energy mine” will not only source the best prices for your business they will help your energy work harder.

Strategic use of locally produced, renewable energy through smart micro grids can significantly reduce power costs and help prevent outages,

“Dr Terence Lewis of Energyst consulting encourage business owners] to Log on to Energyst’ web site and request a free survey.

Green Business funding is available.