Winter is coming: Are you prepared?

We will experience Carbon Tax cost increases of…

Massive tax hike on UK energy prices will hit UK businesses hard.

Extreme Mediterranean Summers and Sub-Artic Winters will have a significant effect for:

45.28% increase for Electricity.

67% increase for Natural Gas.

66.79% increase for Liquid Petroleum.

  • Domestic consumers

  • Schools

  • Businesses.

What will the impact be on your organisation?

Dr. Terence M Lewis MSc BSc EMA. A renowned energy expert and resident at The Hive Enterprise Hub will be discussing a wide range of money saving options open to Local businesses, organisations and home owners.

Combat Heavy Carbon Tax

The taxation table below will apply to all energy bills irrespective of the agreed rate with your supplier.


How will it affect me?

The new taxes will affect companies and organisations differently, so it is important to add the forward projections for the taxes that are set out in the budget to any energy budgeting.

The move to CCL will clearly demonstrate how much of the energy bill is taxation, it will not be long before primary fuel cost account for no more than 30% of the energy bill.

This in effect means that 70% of the energy bill will be taxation.

The Climate Change Levi taxation is having a major effect on business energy charges.

So what is the solution?

The answer is simply to reduce consumption. But how do we do that? We implement an Energy Management Program - as such:

Event Time To Be Announced

Description: Helping your business save energy for the winter and implement systems to reduce consumption.

Location: The Hive Enterprise Centre, Southend-on-Sea

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