Get Free Money Through Lighting

Want to get free money?

It’s common sense that turning lights off saves money. And not just with rooms either, unoccupied areas such as storage rooms and cupboards often have lighting systems installed which leech energy over time if left unattended. The same applies to non-working areas such as corridors - minimal lighting should be used here  Where possible, natural lighting should be used instead of bulbs. This can be done by arranging desks to be near windows

But what else can you do to make big savings on your lighting costs?

Many buildings are using old and inefficient bulbs - which is a significant drain to your energy bill. Even if these lighting systems are well maintained (which often, they aren’t), the technology involved is inherently inefficient. A great way to save a big portion of your energy bill without large investment is to install modern, energy-efficient lighting in your building. Contact Energyst Consulting for more advice.

Another way to save energy is by using smart-lighting systems. These are also very cost-efficient to install and by  using smart sensors and timers can automatically turn off lighting in areas which are not in use. We can also help you with this as we have in many of our case-studies and provide you with excellent savings in this area. Movement sensors are another type of sensor which can be used to increase efficiency - these can be installed in areas such as cupboards or toilets where people are in and out.