Reducing your heating costs

Heating costs increase by around 8% for every 1c increase.Turning it down 2c would save £140 on a £1,000 bill. - Heating control Technology guide, Carbon Trust, October 2011

Reducing your heating costs will have a drastic impact on your energy bill - and there are many  ways to do it. One of them is to encourage your employees to close windows and keep the heat in. Staff should also be aware of the cost of wasted heat, draughts should be sealed, and thermostats are set correctly.

Inversely,  staff should also be aware of the cost of using air conditioning, if your building has it  installed. Air conditioning should be turned off when leaving a room, and either windows should be open or you should be using AC - not both. If you have  windows open while the AC is off then a lot of that cooling energy is lost.

If you are interested in implementing cost-effective measures without a large investment to reduce your heating costs, contact Energyst to install more efficient heating measures. We can help you save money and energy at an affordable price.

Another cost effective solution to reduce energy consumption is to install a more modern electrical thermostat - older thermostats are less accurate, by having a bad reading you could be over or  underheating the building, which has an impact on comfort and productivity.

Interested in achieving some great savings on your energy bill? Why not get in touch and see if we can find you an affordable solution today?

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