A world without waste - we CAN do it!

In just one hour, 900 tons of plastic waste enters our oceans. Dumping garbage into the oceans is like storing nuclear material, it doesn’t go away - it piles up and up. Plastic waste in our oceans has a clear and intense detrimental impact to aquatic life, waterways, and this is just a single component of a much bigger problem.

The way we are treating our planet is completely unsustainable. This is the only world we have, and we are consuming it like it can be replaceable. Our exploitation of natural resources is increasing exponentially - at a very alarming rate. As what we perceive as ‘requirements’ increase, so does our destruction of the planet. We do so because it is convenient in the short term, but the long term effects are proving to be absolutely devastating.

That’s not to say that plastic is evil and should be abolished - it’s rather the opposite in fact. Plastic as a packaging material is highly effective and resilient to the elements. It does a lot of good - the only problem is that a lot of it isn’t recycled. Recycling our materials instead of dumping them allows us to eliminate the negative environmental impact.

It’s not that easy though for a lot of people. Here in England we simply chuck it in the nearest recycling bin and that’s that. Many communities around the world however are lacking recycling infrastructure. To combat this, many organisations have been promoting activism and doing their best to do their part. Coca-Cola established the ECOCE ( Ecology and Corporate Commitment ) - which is a non-profit effort which puts in the work to make recycling easier for everyone.

And it’s not just big organisations that can make a change, you can too. Not only just by recycling, but by taking part in cleaning up the shorelines, partaking in activism, and doing your bit to make this world a cleaner, safer place.