Poor air quality detrimental to pupil health. What can we do?

Poor air quality in the classroom affects pupil’s health, concentration levels, and exam results.

Article by Dr Terence M Lewis MSc BSc EMA - Principle consultant for Energyst Consulting.


A problem we must overcome

Poor air quality in the classroom affects more than our children’s health. It affects concentration levels, exam results, and by extension - career prospects. Dangerous mold may lurk in the air, lack of ventilation, and high concentrations of major air pollutants have been found in the air. Almost 30% of schoolchildren have been found to be highly exposed to major air pollutants according to WHO standards - with high asthma rates.

Teaching staff are equally affected, reducing their performance and wellbeing.


Our commitment to pupil safety within our schools and colleges should be a priority of the highest order.

However the majority of UK schools and colleges expose pupils and staff to dangerous levels of environmental pollution that affect their long-term health, lifespan and reduce their ability to concentrate - thereby lowering exam results.

The highest initial priority is the IQA indoor air quality. Pollutants should be monitored and captured before they enter the building.


Regular exposure to Poor Air quality is often initially evident by nose and eye irritation, sore throats, headaches, and fatigue.

In the long term, asthma, respiratory difficulties, liver failure, kidney failure, and nervous disorders have all been linked to poor air quality - especially at such a young age when children’s bodies are fragile.

What can we do?

Energyst Consulting strongly believes that this is a problem which we need to solve. To that end, we offer free funded, lo-carbon, air-quality solutions that not only increase building inhabitant’s health, but save energy and reduce costs too - compliant with Education and Funding Skills Agency BB101 Guidelines.

Please contact us here for queries, and to learn what you can do and how you can provide a healthier space for your school, business, or any other building you can think of!