Dr. Terence M Lewis MSc: BSc: E.M.A. E.S.G
Principal Consultant.

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Our Ethos

The common feature throughout our solutions is our unique ability to minimize system operational costs without compromising quality.

We consistently develop products, technologies, application standards, alongside control and management strategies that are focused on achieving the highest possible energy efficiency rating.

The common feature throughout our solutions is our unique ability to minimize system operational costs without compromising quality.

Everyone has strengths which can be developed into a talent. “We cultivate and nurture talent” for future opportunities.

Human Resources: Our creations are focused on the well-being of people.

About us

What makes us stand out in a sustainable way
can be summarised by these four words:


Our passion unites and develops us as a team. It is passion and enthusiasm that fuel us in whatever we do.


Research and development of new technologies and ideas are integral within our core identity. It enhances the talent of our people and inspires us to create value-adding solutions that make a difference.


Being innovative means tuning in to and understanding the actual needs of our present and future clients, offering innovative solutions that best meet their current and future requirements.


The focus is always on people. This is why human relationships are essentially important.

Projects & Case Studies


Dr Lewis worked with us on a number of social housing retrofit energy projects over a period of three
years. I must say he is very knowledgeable and reliable and a useful person to know.



I had the pleasure of working with  Dr Terence Lewis at Lakehouse he supported us on a number of DCC
exemplar projects that included a wide range of technologies  such as Ground source Heat Pumps, Air Source Heat pumps, Solar PV and Thermal. Without his invaluable input we would not have won the contract or had the technical expertise to deploy and commission.



Dr. Terence was engaged as Lead M&E project engineer during the Construction of Greenwich Millennium
Village PII. Throughout the project his technical knowledge for sustainability CHP and management skill proved
invaluable. He brought the project in under budget and on time. Highly recommended.


Our new Air Source Heat Pump transforms our heating at Trust Links. We have changed from an oil boiler to this new
system, which is carbon neutral, helping us in our environmental objectives to help tackle the climate emergency.
The heating is now consistently warm. With the support of Energyst Consulting we got 40% refunded through a LOCASE
grant, helping us save money too.


Chief Executive

Dr Terence successfully removed the solar PV from the roof of the Town hall for a roof repair then re
installed with an optimised upgrade. The addition all yield has increased our income and savings, which in turn have more than covered the cost of his fees.



Terence has worked with us on multiple energy related projects within the social housing sector. He has an instinctive insight when trouble shooting, and a magic ability to deliver workable solutions. He has always been professional in delivering a high standard work.



If any one wants to install Community scale Solar Thermal, Dr Terence Lewis is your man. I worked with him on a project in Stockwell he knew his onions and performed well on a difficult project. Well-done Dr T.


Dr T. worked with us a specialist consultant for over two years during this time he performed well. Manages us through our MCS accreditations and played a vital role in some prestigious projects including the Olympic white-water centre.




As the investment cost of installing solar has plummeted in recent years and the price of electricity has increased alongside major improvements in technical efficiencies and manufacturing quality, many business owners are considering Solar power to be a sound investment. They are considering solar as a viable investment and alternative energy solution. As solar enters mainstream energy markets, the big question is, “how do solar panels work?” In this article, we’ll break down exactly how solar panels produce energy for your business and how pragmatic going solar really is.

We support Businesses, domestic homeowners, social housing providers, communities, local governments, schools and supply chains to engage with and benefit from the development of sustainable businesses.

Energyst Consulting is a specialist Net-Zero Lo-Carbon Energy Consulting Practice.